Curtain Call: Between Consciousness

Our Community Tour of Between Consciousness ended last Saturday after touring the South East District. We would like to thank everyone who came down and for your support!

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We caught up with some members of the audience after our shows, who shared with us their thoughts and feelings. We also got a chance to hear some insights and discussions during the post-show talks. Between Consciousness was about a father who struggles with his son who has autism, and other people’s ignorance. Many audience members shared how they really liked the play and the acting, and how they connected with the characters and the show in one way or another.

“At the end of the day, somehow all of us do experience one form of mental issues in some part of our life journey. Perhaps only difference is, we are able to control it and some can’t”.  – Suhani Sujari, 27 Feb

“The performance was very touching. I felt the frustration of the father and the kid, and how they want to connect with each other”. – Rachel Lim, 4 March

“The play resonated with me in a very emotional and personal way. The struggle felt so real that it made me want to escape the  Avery’s imaginary world”. – Sanny Paiman, 5 March

“The portrayal of the autistic child and the father’s frustration were so genuinely authentic.  I am glad that the play promotes awareness for autism so society can be more understanding about the pain and difficulty of our fellow men”.  – Doreen Tay, Allied Educator, 17 March

“It was very touching and made me look at people with autism in a different light. They are not that different from us”. – Sabarna, 18 March

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It’s extremely heartwarming for us to know that this through this performance, some members of the audience gained a better understanding of mental health and of people living with autism.

“As a someone who has not been exposed to anyone with autism, the performance allowed an insight into it”.  – Constance Cher, 4 March

“The play helped me understand people living with autism’s sensory experience better”. –  Lim Jia Ying, 25 Feb

“I grew up with close contact with people of autism as well, and this play really gave me an interesting perspective into the mind inside a child with disabilities”. – Myron Ng, 4 March

“Autism is a theme often neglected in the protrayal of mental health and this performance was fresh and realistic”. – Eileen Wee, 4 March

“The show allowed me to think about the stigma as well as lack of understanding (of mental health issues) in society. It was also striking to see the father’s helplessness and frustration”. –  Toh Xin Rui, 19 March

Dr Maliki Osman, our Guest of Honour also shared with us his thoughts about the performance, and about TheatreWorks’ on-going partnership with South East CDC.

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In South East CDC, we believe in using arts as a medium of connecting people together. It’s very difficult to get people to the theatre, so we decided to bring theatre to the people. In the last eight years, as we bring theatre to the community,  we also bring issues to the community. The key is not just about any show, but a show that allows us to ponder on very challenging issues.

Thank you Dr Maliki Osman, for sharing your thoughts with us!

TheatreWorks’ Engagement programmes are developed to encourage audiences to appreciate theatre and use theatre as a forum to raise and discuss taboo yet critical issues facing the community today. Mental health is a broad topic, we hope that everyone left the show with more than when they came in – regardless of if its knowledge, questions, or thoughts about the issues of mental health.

Thank you everyone for your support! We hope to see you at our other events!

TheatreWorks will continue its to spot talent from the community and continue to develop and nurture playwrights. Keep a look out for information on our next Writing & Community programme – the 24-Hour Playwriting Competition! (Info soon to be released!). In the meantime, check out our main blog for updates on our next productions!


Thoughts on ‘Between Consciousness’

TheatreWorks Ambassadors’ Programme offers numerous opportunities for everyone to get involved in the arts. Whether you’re an avid theatre-goer or even if its your first time venturing to the theatre, we warmly welcome you to join us.

Geraldine Loh, one of our new Ambassadors, shared with us her virgin experience in the theatre while helping out during Between Consciousness. 


I was fortunate to have the opportunity to volunteer with TheatreWorks for their show Between Consciousness. Besides volunteering at front of house, I also got to catch the performance by the first prize winner of TheatreWorks’ 24-Hour Playwriting Competition with the audience.

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Our audience shares… #1


Our Community Tour, Between Consciousness has toured to Mountbatten CC and Siglap South CC in the South East District these past weeks. Coming up this week, from 17-19 March 2016, we’ll be at Marine Parade CC. This will be your last chance to watch the show!

Not too sure what to expect? We caught up with some of our audience members and they shared with us their feedback about the show.

The performance showed the loveable side of people with autism which may exist beyond the surface“. – Karen Tan, 26 Feb

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Conversation with Set Designer, Gerald Leow

Gerald Leow returns again for the second consecutive year to design the set for another Community Tour. Gerald creates sculptures for theatre sets. As an artist he works with visual culture and uses it to shed light on the nature of authenticity, culture & identity. He is also currently designing props for the National Day Parade 2016.

The set represents the many levels of consciousness and the complexity of the human mind.

Gerald Leow, Set Designer, Between Consciousness

Gerald (edited)

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Conversation with Actor, Ivan Lim

Previously associated with TheatreWorks, Ivan Lim was one of the nine performers for Joavien Ng’s creation of Incarnation of the Beast. Despite knowing Isaac since secondary school days, the pair get to work with one another for the first time through Incarnation of the Beast. This time, Isaac takes on the role as a playwright, while Isaac acts as a child with special needs in the play. With the pair working together once again, we look forward to see what will spark in between them and the other members of the team.

“At first I was slightly confused, but as I read on, I fell in love with it. I am having a joy ride with this script. Every time I read the script, I find something new and after each rehearsal, I discover a new aspect of the character”.

– Actor, Ivan Lim, Between Consciousness

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Conversation with Actor, Al-Matin Yatim

We engaged in a conversation with one of our actors, Al-Matin Yatim on his experience in bringing his character to life, as well as working with the creative team. Been practising theatre since 2007, Al-Matin further his passion for theatre in Intercultural Theatre Institute (ITI). Since then, his understanding of working with different people from different cultural background has deepen. Al-Matin was exposed to different form and styles of both traditional and contemporary, and is looking forward to this new role he take on, as the father of a special-need son.

“Nobody would totally understand what is happening inside a person’s head, what more a mind that functions more specially than others.”

Actor, Al-Matin Yatim, Between Consciousness

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Behind The Play: Between Consciousness with Isaac Lim

Get ready for the Performance Tour of Between Consciousness! Written by Isaac Lim, Between Consciousness was the winning play of TheatreWorks’ 24-Hour Playwriting Competition 2015 (Open Category).

In this exclusive video interview, we speak to Isaac to find out other insights and also to answer some questions, which you may have about Between Consciousness.

Be sure to catch Between Consciousness at Mountbatten Community Centre, Siglap South Community Centre or Marine Parade Community Centre from 25 February to 19 March 2016.

Reserve your seats via now!

For more enquiries, please call us at 6737-7213.

Conversation with Director, Thong Pei Qin

Between Consciousness discusses mental health issues and questions the perceptions and stereotypes towards persons with mental health issues. We conversed with the director of Between Consciousness, Thong Pei Qin, to find out more about how she resonated with the plot and the characters. The play has touched her deeply as she conveys her feelings through directing and leading of the actors.

I have also come to realise that people with special needs or diagnosed with mental illnesses are not so very different from you and me, and the plot of Between Consciousness echoes this exact sentiment.

– Thong Pei Qin, Director of Between Consciousness

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Conversation with Playwright, Isaac Lim

We spoke to Isaac Lim, playwright of Between Consciousness which won the Open Category of TheatreWorks’ 24-Hour Playwriting Competition 2015. Developed as an engagement programme by TheatreWorks, Writing & Community Programme aims to nurture emerging playwrights and develop new plays.

Through the conversation, Isaac shared his thoughts and experiences on the programme, as well as how this programme has helped as a playwright. Between Consciousness is currently in rehearsals and will be presented as Theatreworks’ annual Performance Tour to the South East District from February to March 2016.

 TheatreWorks’ Writing & Community Programme is an excellent stepping stone, to not only bring their voice out there, but also for the community to interact, know of the talents, and connect with the arts.

– Isaac Lim Jue Hao, Playwright of Between Consciousness

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