It’s a wrap! Writing from the Heart Playwriting Workshop 2016

This year’s edition of the Writing from the Heart Playwriting Workshop with Tony Perez has come to an end! During the weeklong workshop, participants went through intense emotional truth exercises, rigorous writing under time-sensitive conditions, and even performed their finalised play that they wrote together as a group! It was an emotional rollercoaster, but in the most positive way possible.


Here are this year’s participants (except for one) with Tony Perez on the last day of the weeklong workshop!

Even though the workshop has ended, participants can look forward to mentoring sessions with Tony himself, and they will continue working closely together to further develop their plays.

Read on to check out some of the photos from the workshop, and find out what some of the participants had to say about the workshop, and even about Tony himself:


During the workshop, Tony conducts many exercises that cross emotional boundaries and challenge personal growth. This one in particular, Tony shares the main differences between Asian and Western style of writing.


Quick! Write down as many words as you can that are associated with the colours on the board!

IMG_2016-07-27 12:38:35

Ssshhh.. The participants are reading their respective scenes while Tony provides his comments on them!


ACTION: One of the groups presenting their scenes at the bottom of the staircase!

IMG_2016-07-27 12:38:41

At the end of every workshop, Tony likes to share a message or two with the people in the circle, and everyone does the same. Here, participants get to pick from a deck of cards and read the message on it, along with how they choose to interpret it depending on their current thoughts or emotional states!

Finally, here’s what some of the participants had to say about the workshop and about Tony too:

“I discovered directly how being open to being vulnerable feeds to my work as an artist and writer. Going to the depths of the person is my idea of what art-making requires.”

– Wong Yunjie (Jacky)

“I realised certain things about myself that explained why my stories tended to go nowhere. [The workshop] really forged a community and connections, even if it was just a dozen people in a circle – and that’s what theatre is about.”

– Clara Chow

“I learnt something bigger, I suppose – about characters which I feel are the strongest, most important element of any story.”

– Khai

“[Tony] was awesome. He has an approach where the students feel empowered. I’ve never met a teacher like him and will remember the experience forever.”

– Jason Montes

Thank you to everyone who signed up for the workshop, and we hope the skills you picked up will be useful for the 24-Hour Playwriting Competition this weekend! See you then! 🙂

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