Our audience shares… #1


Our Community Tour, Between Consciousness has toured to Mountbatten CC and Siglap South CC in the South East District these past weeks. Coming up this week, from 17-19 March 2016, we’ll be at Marine Parade CC. This will be your last chance to watch the show!

Not too sure what to expect? We caught up with some of our audience members and they shared with us their feedback about the show.

The performance showed the loveable side of people with autism which may exist beyond the surface“. – Karen Tan, 26 Feb

“It helped me better relate to autism and the problems that come along with it. It was fun and yet emotional as it deals with real problems”. – Joshua Ng, 4 March 2016

“As much as it was a highlight for ausitm, I felt there was a great connection for everyone that feels like they are misunderstood and out of place”. – Josh, 4 March 2016


To be honest, I felt that the show was very moving because I don’t have that personal contact with people living with autism. But I felt that the show gave me a genuine understanding about people living with autism. And, I really think that the title, ‘Between Consciousness’, really speaks for itself and the play really did justice to it“. – Adibah Azri, National Institute of Education, 3 March 2016


“The play was very meaningful and engaging as my boys do face students with learning differences everyday in school and through this play, I believe that they are more aware of the problems faced by these children and have learnt on how to react to them”. – Ms Theeba Pachaimuthu, 4 March 2016

We’re glad that so many people have enjoyed watching the performance! We urged you to come join us for the last few performances!

Reserve your tickets here!


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